In this section, we will discuss a wide range of tips to help being a military spouse as easy as possible. Many people don’t look at the military spouse as the backbone of the family but they are usually what holds the family together and operates functionally. As a military spouse we often need help with how to entertain or teach our military children the ways of being a military child. In addition, there will be a spouse tip section on ramblings of being a military spouse.

I will also discuss a section that many find touchy – finances. I believe everyone should be open about finances as once you close that section off from talking it is almost as you are embarrassed. I want to make sure to encourage military spouses to talk about finances as much as you can because every time you discuss it you will learn something new. This new something you may learn might help you prepare for retirement, traveling or more! This section of the website will also help give you tips on how to make money from home as this is important as military spouses are often discriminated against due to possible frequent moves.


Permeant Change of Station (PCS) can be a stressful time.  In this section, we hope to give tips to make the transition to a new city, state and the fear of the unknown to become as stress free as possible.  Please if you have tips to share that you think will help other spouses, share away.