A Man’s Bouquet – DIY Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Deployment Gift

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A Man’s Bouquet

Are you looking for a creative DIY gift for the man in your life?  This would make a great welcome home gift (like deployment gift), Valentine’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift and more!

You will need:

  • Cloth Stem Wires
  • Pot
  • 1 – Tissue paper
  • Foam Brick
  • Kabob Sticks
  • Tape – depending on what you use for the bouquet
  • Candy, Mini Liquor Bottles, or other items to make the bouquet.

Step 1: Measure out the brick foam and cut to size.  I put the scraps along the sides so if I needed while arranging items I had the extra space!

Step 2: Put a piece of tissue paper over the foam bricks after you cut it!

Step 3: wrap your items for the bouquet with the Stem Wires around 1 time.

Step 4: Add a Kabob Stick for support and continue to wrap the stem wire around the item and the kabob stick.

Note: Some items like the candy did not need the Stem Wires wrap around the object but instead a piece of tape to stick the kabob stick to the candy.

Step 4: Arrange your items as a bouquet.  I left the items in the back higher and the ones in the front are lower.

If you want you can spruce it up with a bow or wrap it like a gift basket.

I added tinsel on top of the white tissue paper for a final touch.

These Men’s Bouquet can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like.  These are perfect for welcome home gifts from Deployments, Care Package ideas, Valentine’s Day and more!  You do not need to do alcohol, especially if you are mailing as a care package.  I have seen these recreated as candy bouquet’s , 5 hour energy bouquet’s, and more!  It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.  I did a very simple one with very little girly touches.  However, you can add lots of tissue, ribbon with bows on each stem and so forth!

Have fun with creating your bouquet!

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