Google Express – $10 Promo Code = FREE Items from Walmart Shipped!

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Google Express has now expanded nationwide with lots of new stores like Joann Crafts, WalmartHayneedleWayfair, Orchard Supply, Home Depot and more!   You can shop from groceries, toys, clothes, crafts, decor, holiday, furniture and more!

$10 promo code FB4EDM2H4 is valid for new customers.  To create a new account use a gmail account and different credit card per account.

Walmart Deal: 

Add $3 – $4 item to your cart and the remainder of the $10 promo code FB4EDM2H4 will be applied to shipping.  Shipping from Walmart is $5.99, so item or items needs to be under $4.01 for it to be free.  You will pay tax.  Think of buying case of water, cereal, baby wipes, baby food, toys, clothes, etc.  So many options so don’t let this freebie potential pass you by!!


Other Stores Deal:

Add items to your cart from Target, Costco, Walgreens, Kohls, etc (only select one retailer to purchase $25 – $35 + of items from). Additional stores vary by zip code. Free shipping when you purchase $25 – $35, depends on the store. Use promo code FB4EDM2H4 at checkout to receive $10 off.  Shipping, if under threshold for free shipping, will start from $5.99 and you will need $10 in cart before shipping.  Only Walmart will allow $10 credit to be applied to shipping (like mentioned above).

FREE Shipping no minimum Stores:

The stores available on your Google Express account will vary depending where you live.  If you have The Mine or available both stores offer free shipping with no minimum purchase.  Both stores offer several items under $10.  The Mine has very cute paper napkins available.  VMInnovations has toys under $10 like footballs and inflatable pool floats.


The pictures in this post are of my past deliveries.  You can check out my Instagram where I have posted hundreds of deals through Google Express.  I have been a member of Google Express since August 2016 and have placed hundreds of orders.  I am upward of $4,000 in promo codes I have used on Google Express.  This has been one of my favorite ways to shop while pregnant and after having baby.

At checkout use promo code FB4EDM2H4 at checkout for $10 off.

Plus you will get shipping within 2-3 days for most stores.


How to do multiple orders:

  • Tip is to create an account on Google Express per Gmail account and use different credit cards/debit cards per order.
  • Also after you receive your first order, you will receive a referral code to offer your friends and family $10 to save.  When they place their order, you will also receive $10 to spend.

$10 Promo code – FB4EDM2H4

Go HERE to start your shopping.

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