Yellow_ribbonIf you are lucky throughout your job as a military spouse you may avoid a deployment, but as luck has it majority of military spouses will go through a deployment.  In this section, we will highlight how to make deployments as bearable as possible with ideas on care packages, ways to keep yourself busy, ideas on how to make children have as positive experience and more!  One thing to remember is deployment is part of our spouses job.  They know what they signed up for but life changes with family members being added and so on.  Deployment is hard on everyone, the active duty member, the family members and the family afar.  One thing to remember is to stay positive and upbeat.  We will focus this section on how to make deployment as positive as possible with tips I have learned along the way.  My husband has completed 4 deployments over 6 months with one deployment only receiving a 2 week notice of the deployment which makes it very stressful.  Stay tune as we will be posting lots of tips and of course if you have anything you want to share please share away!! 

Preparing for a deployment is difficult and time consuming but a must.  It is usually something we don’t want to do because as we complete one task we are a day closer to the inevitable deployment day.  First thing you should do is to sit with your spouse (active duty member) and discuss what needs to be done.  The active duty member will be told by their chain of command what steps needs to be done like updating a will with legal, physicals and more.  It is important as a spouse that you sit down and discuss these as you may need to update beneficiaries on policies and so forth.


The funnest part about deployment is making care packages.  I found the most joy in doing themed care packages like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and more!  If you have any pictures of care packages you would like to share to give others ideas please share!

Here are Care Package Ideas:

Children make deployments extremely difficult.  As a parent we feel the one deployed is missing out on many milestones.  The person deployed feels they are missing out but the most important thing is making the child feel like their milestones are important.  We will touch on many ways to keep the parents and children together.  In addition, we will touch on some crafts that are helpful throughout deployment.  Also, some other awesome tips for children during deployment will be discussed to help give you ideas.  If you have any you would like to share please share to help others.

As important as it is to keep children busy during deployment, it is important to cut time out for yourself to make sure you feel special and have time to de-stress!  This section will have ideas to help share ideas to keep yourself busy and how to take care of yourself.

Once the deployment day passes, a spouse day dreams and starts the planning of the homecoming and reuniting of their loved one.  This is the most excited time but can be an awkward time.  We will discuss tips to help ease into the reuniting phase and help make it as least stressful as possible.