20150205_103858Welcome to Military Spouse Living.  My name is Ashley Dougherty and I am a military spouse.  My husband and I met in 2005 in Jacksonville, Florida and married a year and half later in June 2006.  We shortly after moved to San Diego, California.  Our next station was Oahu, Hawaii for 2 duty’s.  We are now in Monterey, California and will be moving in April 2017 to Augusta, Georgia.  I have always been the type to have a job but being a military spouse I have learned it gets harder and harder to get a job when your resume shows every 2-3 years you move.  In Hawaii, it was one of the most difficult places for me to find a job so I started a blog called hawaiishopaholics.com (I have since rebranded Hawaii Shopaholics into TheSpenderella.comwhich took off and I became an entrepreneur by teaching others how to live a frugal lifestyle.  Since moving to Monterey, I realized how much I miss teaching others and sharing what I learn along the way.  Therefore, I am starting this website to share what I have learned about being a military spouse and hope others will follow and join in with sharing their stories.  

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