PCS Checklist for Spouses

pcs checklist

PCS Checklist for Spouses:

  1. Medical & Dental Records for Family
  2. School Records for Family
  3. Shot Records
  4. Car Titles (if paid off while living in a state make sure you receive the title before you move)
  5. Call Car Shipper to see exact paperwork needed to ship vehicle.
  6. Ensure you have Birth Certificate if you had baby
  7. Bring an unused checkbook with you. You will need it to hook up stuff when you move.
  8. Call to shut off utilities (if need be)
  9. Call to cancel newspaper subscription
  10. Forward Mail to new address – may need to open a P.O. Box
  11. Start researching neighborhoods in new location
  12. Start researching schools in new location
  13. Book Hotels as needed
  14. Book Car Rental if needed
  15. Research State specific rules for pets.
  16. Call airline to confirm how many free check-in bags when on orders
  17. Pack to carry with you car titles, birth certificates, social security cards, passports should be carried by you and not packed by movers.
  18. Night before packers unplug all electronics.
  19. Night before packers remove everything hanging on walls.
  20. Morning before packers move all items into a closet/bathroom like suitcases, etc.. that are to not be packed.